Breakthrough Polyurethane Technology

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Yield is very important to a contractor. In fact, we’re making a lot more money because I’ve been watching yields. But now if SWD is giving me a product that is higher yield, that is already half the battle. So, now, even if my guys are not doing as good a job and we’re not watching them every minute, we’re still going to get more yield, either way.”

“No delamination. No air pockets. Better yield. The consistency of the foam is better… and we’re working faster.”

“We secured about 300 homes in Tucson with the 108. It was instrumental, we were spraying a different foam down there, the 108 enabled us to come in with a better price for the builder, and it helped him to secure all the work for us down there in Tucson. It was kind of a win-win for everyone.”

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