2” Passes with Closed-Cell Foam Now Obsolete

Have you heard? Old closed-cell foam technology is now obsolete. 2” maximum passes are now a thing of the past.

With the old types of closed-cell foam, you had to spray up to a 2” lift, wait for it to cool, then spray another lift, etc. As you know, you had to do it this way to keep the foam from charring, smoking, or catching fire. You basically had to spray the building twice over—or more—to get the job done, and it was an incredible waste of time. But now there is a better, more efficient way.

Quik-Shield 118 closed-cell foam from SWD Urethane features new Ultra-Lift Technology. With this efficiency-boosting new technology, Quik-Shield 118 can be sprayed in an industry-leading 8” lift. No need to go back over areas you just sprayed just because you had to wait for the foam to cool. Just spray one lift, and you are done—no charring, no fire risk, and no waiting!

This time-saving feature of Quik-Shield 118 can reduce your labor costs by a staggering 50%! With the savings, you can bid lower to outbid your competitors, or you can pocket the difference. Or a little bit of both.

To learn more about how this new closed-cell foam can improve your business and earn you more money, contact SWD Urethane by replying to this email or call 800-828-1394.

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