Geo-technical spray foams and elastomers have emerged as the solution of choice for engineers looking to solve problems such as:

  • Soil Stabilization & Erosion Control
  • Foundation or Slab Settlement
  • Pipeline Insulation
  • Tank Insulation
  • Secondary Containment

Geo-Technical applications include everything from using spray foam to create more cost effective ditch-breaks for pipeline construction, to applying elastomeric embedded fibers to excavated terrain to prevent soil erosion.

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 Why SWD Products

SWD Urethane creates insulation products with a customer’s business needs in mind, ultimately increasing the contractor’s margins and bottom line. Our innovative Quik-Shield products achieve the greatest yield, efficiency, safety, and quality, and they dramatically drive down the total job cost. Quik-Shield products deliver tremendous value to homebuilders, contractors, and homeowners looking for the highest quality insulation products, installed at an affordable rate.

  • We deliver industry-leading yields that provide you the lowest material costs possible
  • We offer spray foam products that increase efficiency and slash job time by up to 50%
  • We provide products that can actually enhance safety by doing away with ladders and scaffolding
  • During the manufacturing process, we personally spray a sample of every batch that goes out to make sure you are getting consistent quality

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Ditch Break

Quik-Shield 205 is an ideal material for pipeline construction projects that are required to provide ditch breaks for erosion and sedimentation control. Spray foam is less labor intensive and provides better pipeline and ditch support than alternatives such as sandbags, straw bales, and silt fencing. Because it is a product that starts in a liquid state and expands to a foam state, it has better void filling abilities and is easier to transport to job sites than alternatives such as riprap (rock). Quik-Shield 205 can provide solutions for pipelines including:

  • Ditch Break – fast application of ditch breaks that provide greater erosion control
  • Rock Shield – In areas with larger rocks foam can be sprayed on top of the pipe to protect it during backfill
  • Pillow Padding – foam ‘pillows’ can be sprayed in the trench to support the pipe during placement to prevent installation damage


It used to be that when property owners were faced with the problem of a foundation settling unevenly, or a slab or sidewalk became cracked and uneven, they had very few options. Worse yet, these options were often expensive and unreliable. Thanks to the development of polyurethane foams for slab jacking applications, property owners now have a cost-effective and reliable choice to stabilize their foundations and slabs.

Quik-Shield 232 spray polyurethane foam works to not only stabilize the soil underneath the foundation or slab, but because of its expansion rate and density, it actually lifts the foundation and slab back to proper level alignment. Effective to 1/8 of an inch, foam allows a trained applicator the ability to lift, repair and restore the damaged slab or foundation.
What makes foam unique when compared to mud jacking and grout fill, is that foam has an extremely high strength to weight ratio and an outstanding dimensional stability profile. It also sets up faster in the void space, which means that it takes less time to complete projects, and causes less inconvenience for the property owner.

Pipe Insulation and Coatings

In cold weather climates pipelines can be negatively affected and can experience reduced performance or even burst under freezing conditions. Quik-Shield can help solve these problems.

  • Pipe Jacketing Insulation
  • Provides high insulation levels of R6.6 per inch
  • Reduces risk of freezing and pipe burst
  • Maintains pipeline performance in cold weather
  • Spray elastomer pipe coating
  • Provides corrosion, impact, and abrasion resistance to any pipeline

Other benefits of pipeline coating include:

  • Ability to rotate longer lengths of line pipe, less frequently. Because of its superior wear resistance, coated pipe may only require rotation at intervals 4 times longer than for uncoated steel pipe.
  • Fewer inspections. Because coated pipe is more durable, and corrosion resistant, inspections take less time, allowing man hours to be shifted elsewhere.
  • Reduced pumping and heating costs. Coated pipelines have increased insulation values which helps reduce friction between the material flow and the surface of the pipe. This can help lower pumping costs and eliminate the need to heat material before pumping.

Secondary Containment

When secondary containment is required Quik-Shield high performance coatings can be used to provide a seamless leak resistant barrier. Quik-Shield spray elastomer coatings can be applied on top of concrete, metal, geotextile membranes, or directly to dirt.

  • Provides seamless chemical-resistant barrier
  • Low permeability
  • High puncture and tear resistant


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