Why Architects Turn to SWD

Spray foam delivers the features that architects and building owners want, such as lower operational costs and durability. You, as an architect, can deliver these features while keeping up with increasingly tough code requirements.

SWD has knowledge of the spray foam industry that is based on over 45 years of experience. Our products outperform traditional insulation methods while meeting code compliant designs through the solutions durability and quality. With the most innovative products in the spray foam market we ensure our products are installed with the highest quality, ultimately delivering all expected solutions. Our team of building codes and specification specialists can assist with application building codes, engineering, and specifications. SWD brings the most dedicated specialists to you, delivering on all expected solutions.

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Case Studies for Open Cell Foam Case Studies

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ASU Student Housing Complex Implements Roofing Spray Foam to Maintain High Standards

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Spray Foam Improves Building Envelope With Integrated Air Barrier Solution

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Specifications and Product Data

Spray Foam Insulation Products

Spray Foam Roofing Products

For a flat or commercial roof, there is no better roofing solution than a QUIKSHIELD spray polyurethane foam roofing system. QUIKSHIELD roofing spray foam conforms to the roofing surface with a strong bond that provides a seamless monolithic system and contains no thermal shorts. It provides a greater insulation factor, an unsurpassed air-barrier, increased structural stability, and requires less time to install. A QUIKSHIELD roofing system has an effective lifespan that can exceed 30 years and has the lowest lifecycle cost over other conventional roofing systems.


QSR-001 – New Metal Parapet Cap

QSR-002 – Roof Edge Foam Stop

QSR-003 – Base Flashing For Wall-Supported Deck

QSR-003A – Base Flashing Wall-Supported Deck Tall Wall

QSR-007 – New Expansion Joint

QSR-007A – Remedial Expansion Joint

QSR-008 – Typical Existing Area Divider Concrete Wall

QSR-008A – Typical Existing Area Divider

QSR-010 – Mechanical Equipment Support New and Remedial

QSR-011 – Equipment Support Stand

QSR-013 – Prefabricated Metal Curb

QSR-014 – Wood Raised Curb

QSR-015 – Structural Member through Roof Deck

QSR-018 – Deck Supported Penetration

QSR-020 – Roof Drain With Fastener

QSR-020A – Roof Drain Without Fastener

QSR-021 – Scupper Detail at Parapet Wall

QSR-022 – Overflow Scupper at Parapet Wall

QSR-111 – Flat Roof to Shingle or Tile Tie-In

QSR-121 – Sloped Roof and Crickets

QSR-122 – Flat Roof Sloped With Foam

QSR-131 – Remedial Air Conditioner Treatment

QSR-132 – Existing Pitch Pan

QSR-133 – Equipment Support on Existing Stand

QSR-134 – Roof Equipment Protective Wall

QSR-135 – AC Duct Elbow

QSR-143 – Class A Metal Fluted Deck with Tape

QSR-144 – Class B Roof on Combustible Deck

QSR-145 – Polyiso Board

QSR-147 – Class A Roof on Combustible Deck with Cementitious Coating

QSR-151 – Roof Hatch

QSR-152 – Raised Curb for Skylight

QSR-153 – Raised Curb for Down Draft Equipment

QSR-161 – Parapet Wall Detail

QSR-162 – Foam and Coating Short Parapet Wall

QSR-163 – New Flashing Wall-Supported Deck

QSR-164 – Stucco Finish on Parapet Wall

QSR-165 – Mansard Wall Top and Bottom

SWD Urethane is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. QUIKSHIELD spray foam is a LEED qualified material and counts towards LEED points.

Most QUIKSHIELD insulation products carry GREENGUARD® GOLD certification, the strictest standard for indoor air quality.