Ultimate Homebuilder Guide

40 Years of Foam

SWD Urethane was founded in 1972 and has roots as a spray foam contracting business, so we understand all the aspects of the construction industry.

Broad Product Line

SWD provides one of the broadest ranges of open-cell and closed-cell products to choose from and over 100 polyurethane, polyuria, and coating products. This makes the best options for any application available to you for the homes you are building.

Products You Can Trust

SWD invests more in product testing than most other manufacturers, including tests for R-value, air barrier properties, vapor barrier properties, tensile strength, compressive strength, and fire testing. In addition, our Quality Assurance department sprays every batch to make sure everything we send out is up to the highest quality standards.

Homebuilder Partnerships

SWD Urethane has a long history with both tract and custom homebuilders throughout the country. Whether you are the largest builder in the country, or if you only build a few homes per year, SWD is committed to long-term relationships with the builders we partner with.


SWD makes products that stand out in the marketplace, such as Quik-Shield 108 and 112XC. Quik-Shield 108 is the only Ultra-Low Density Foam on the market and can achieve a 20% greater yield than other open cell foams. This greater yield enables contractors to be more competitively priced. Quik-Shield 112XC is a commercial grade foam that enables applicators to spray at temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit. This foam has a wider temperature range than competitive foams, and you can be assured the jobsite won’t be shut down due to cold temperatures.

SWD Provides Education and Training

Our partnerships do not end at the sale. We offer product support and training to our partners in order for them to learn best practices and how to optimize our products. SWD also offers code and engineering support, specification programs, and certifications as value adds, so you can have peace of mind knowing you are working with a partner who is looking out for your best interests.