Specifications & Drawings


Architectural Drawings for Roofs:


QSR-001 – New Metal Parapet Cap

QSR-002 – Roof Edge Foam Stop

QSR-003 – Base Flashing For Wall-Supported Deck

QSR-003A – Base Flashing Wall-Supported Deck Tall Wall

QSR-007 – New Expansion Joint

QSR-007A – Remedial Expansion Joint

QSR-008 – Typical Existing Area Divider Concrete Wall

QSR-008A – Typical Existing Area Divider

QSR-010 – Mechanical Equipment Support New and Remedial

QSR-011 – Equipment Support Stand

QSR-013 – Prefabricated Metal Curb

QSR-014 – Wood Raised Curb

QSR-015 – Structural Member through Roof Deck

QSR-018 – Deck Supported Penetration

QSR-020 – Roof Drain With Fastener

QSR-020A – Roof Drain Without Fastener

QSR-021 – Scupper Detail at Parapet Wall

QSR-022 – Overflow Scupper at Parapet Wall

QSR-111 – Flat Roof to Shingle or Tile Tie-In

QSR-121 – Sloped Roof and Crickets

QSR-122 – Flat Roof Sloped With Foam

QSR-131 – Remedial Air Conditioner Treatment

QSR-132 – Existing Pitch Pan

QSR-133 – Equipment Support on Existing Stand

QSR-134 – Roof Equipment Protective Wall

QSR-135 – AC Duct Elbow

QSR-143 – Class A Metal Fluted Deck with Tape

QSR-144 – Class B Roof on Combustible Deck

QSR-145 – Polyiso Board

QSR-147 – Class A Roof on Combustible Deck with Cementitious Coating

QSR-151 – Roof Hatch

QSR-152 – Raised Curb for Skylight

QSR-153 – Raised Curb for Down Draft Equipment

QSR-161 – Parapet Wall Detail

QSR-162 – Foam and Coating Short Parapet Wall

QSR-163 – New Flashing Wall-Supported Deck

QSR-164 – Stucco Finish on Parapet Wall

QSR-165 – Mansard Wall Top and Bottom