Quik-Shield 108

Ultra-Low Density Spray Foam Insulation

Quik-Shield 108 is the only Ultra-Low Density wall foam, which gives it the greatest yield of any product on the market. Quik-Shield 108 has been engineered for high performance and efficiency, which helps contractors achieve the lowest material, labor, and overhead costs.

Contractors look to Quik-Shield 108 when they…
• Struggle to win bids because they have a high cost per board foot
• Are tired of not making enough money on the bids they do win
• Are fed up with poor yields and losing bids to guys who are getting 22,000 board feet or more
• Become informed that the products they are currently spraying may have risk exposure from jobsite reentry requirements
• See that it could be sprayed from up to 15’ away, with the potential to eliminate ladders and scaffolding
• Learn that their current spray foam product is inefficient and requires more time to install than other products on the market
• Are done using poor quality foam that has adhesion issues, voids, and causes frequent callbacks

Quik-Shield 108 provides greater yield, efficiency, safety, and quality on your jobsite. It is different from any other product on the market because it:
• Delivers the greatest yields of any open-cell wall foam—up to 24,000 board feet
• Increases your install efficiency by up to 30%, which can dramatically reduce your labor costs on a job
• Can be sprayed up to 15’ away in an 8” lift without dripping or falling out of the roof deck
• Is of superior quality, which helps eliminate adhesion issues and voids, and it reduces callbacks for a job done right the first time
• Allows 1-hour reentry without the use of fans, making it easy for everyone to follow the manufacturer’s instructions
• Decreases your material, labor, and overhead costs, which puts more money back in your pocket
• Has the lowest installed cost of any open-cell wall foam because it reduces material, labor, and overhead costs. This lets you price more competitively and win more bids.