Great Service, No Exceptions.

Since 1972, SWD Urethane has been manufacturing top-quality polyurethane foams. We believe in creating strong partnerships with our customers through exceptional service and support. From our sales representatives to customer support staff to chemists, we have a team that will deliver the ultimate service experience.

Unless you’re purchasing a railcar of material, most large manufacturers don’t care about you or your needs. Billion dollar chemical companies may be able to give you a good price, but they’re not willing or able to adapt or create solutions for you. At SWD, we are prepared to customize product formulations for you, regardless of how much you’re ordering.

Whether you are purchasing 5 gallons or a tote, you are important to us. SWD Urethane specializes in offering custom solutions and exceptional support to our customers. Our team works directly with you to create YOUR perfect product. When you call us, we will always answer and be ready to assist.