Quik-Shield 108

Quik-Shield 108 saves contractors on material costs, labor, and overhead, making jobs far more profitable, doubling your margins, and putting more money in your pocket. It also opens up new avenues of application. With the installed price of Quik-Shield 108 being more competitive with traditional insulation, taking away market share from fiberglass and cellulose now becomes a real possibility. We accomplish this with the “YES-Q” process, which stands for Yield, Efficiency, Safety, and Quality.

  • Save up to 20% on materials
  • Save up to 20-30% on labor and overhead
  • Make your applicators fight to make your jobs more profitable
  • Increase your profit margins by up to 60%
  • 1 hour reoccupancy for new construction—no fans required

See our Revolutionary Foam in Action:


Quik-Shield 108 Ultra-Low Density Spray Foam Insulation Product Data Safety Data Sheet (SDS) CCRR SPEC VOC



Yield is important because the more yield you get from a set of foam, the lower your material costs. Density plays a role in yield, as less dense foams have greater yield.

Quik-Shield 108 has an Ultra-Low Density of 0.4 pounds per cubic foot (pcf) and can yield 22,000 – 24,000 board feet per set of material. That is 25% more yield than traditional 0.5 pcf open-cell wall foam—without sacrificing R-value! This would be assuming that the traditional foam is actually a 0.5 pcf—many open-cell foams are actually denser than that and get only around 15,000 board feet.


You want greater efficiency because not only does it reduce your labor costs, it can reduce your overhead costs.

Since you get 25% more yield from Quik-Shield 108, a job that would normally take 5 sets of foam can be completed with only 4 sets. Furthermore, Quik-Shield 108’s Long-Range Application feature reduces the time-consuming process of setting up ladders and scaffolding, further reducing time to completion.

This means a properly trained applicator will finish a job more quickly—typically 20 – 30% faster.


Quik-Shield 108 can promote safety in a few ways. First, Quik-Shield 108 has Long-Range Application, which enables an applicator to spray a roof deck from the floor without ladders or scaffolding. This reduces fall risk and liability. Second, Quik-Shield 108’s efficiency helps applicators complete jobs faster—less time on the job means less opportunity for an accident.

Another important safety feature of Quik-Shield 108 is its fast reoccupancy rate. Typically, with other foams, other trades will not be allowed back in the building for 12-24 hours. However, Quik-Shield 108 has new construction reoccupancy for other trades as soon as one hour after application. This important safety feature helps protect other trades from V.O.C. exposure.


Quality is critical on a jobsite. You want your guys to do the job right the first time and without callbacks.

Quik-Shield 108 has superior adhesion and greater expansion than other open-cell foams. Its Full-Fill Expansion Technology fills a wall cavity completely, reduces the need for touch-ups, and gives you a better quality install. Quik-Shield 108 also eliminates adhesion and cohesion issues for a reliable spray every time.

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