Quik-Shield 100X

Quik-Shield 100X Brochure

Most contractors aren’t too fond of Appendix X foams. Most have poor adhesion, atrocious yields, and can cause equipment failures. Quik-Shield 100X is nothing like those other App X foams. With Quik-Shield 100X, you get the superior foam quality that you’re used to from SWD, plus awesome fire protection for fast and easy building inspections.

Exceptional Foam

Quik-Shield 100X is seriously awesome foam. When comparing finished product, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between the industry leading open-cell foams and Quik-Shield 100X. With its fine cell structure, you know you’re getting quality foam with better adhesion and minimal voids. You’ll be able to spray larger application depths without issues.

 Designed for Applicators

Applicators love spraying Quik-Shield 100X! It is specially engineered to overcome application issues commonly found in Appendix X foams. No more frequently stopping to deal with equipment issues, fix areas with voids and adhesion problems, or shutting down due to high humidity. Quik-Shield 100X also requires less drum preheating and has a wider temperature range, making it easier to dial in and easier to train new sprayers. Quik-Shield 100X gives you the unparalleled, high quality performance that your sprayers deserve.

Appendix X Approved

Throw-out your intumescent coatings! Quik-Shield 100X is AC377 Appendix X approved and can be installed in attics and crawl spaces without the need for an additional ignition barrier. This allows you to apply the foam in a single-step application, reducing both labor and material costs.

Quik-Shield 100X Appendix X Spray Foam Insulation Product Data Safety Data Sheet (SDS) CCRR SPEC VOC