Quik-Shield 970 CT High Impact Elastomer

Quik-Shield 970 CT High Impact Elastomer Product Data Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

A 100% solids, aromatic, modified polyurethane elastomer coating, it is formulated for spray application as a high performance impact coating in commercial and industrial applications. It is specifically designed for applications requiring the maximum degree of impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance, accepts color pigments, and may be applied with all types of plural component, 1:1 dispensing equipment.

Quik-Shield 970 CT is ideal for a variety of applications including

  • Vehicle: High impact bedliners
  • Commercial: EPS board stock, simulated stucco, spa and bathtub manufacture
  • Industrial: Machinery coating, floor coating
  • Pipeline: Secondary containment, pipe lining
  • Marine: EPS encapsulation, docks, cargo holds
  • Agriculture: Farm equipment, trailers, silo lining