Aromatic Polyurea

Quik-Shield 901 Aromatic Polyurea Spray Elastomer

Quik-Shield 901 Aromatic Polyurea Spray Elastomer Product Data Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

A 100% solids, aromatic, polyurea elastomer coating, it is formulated for spray application as a high performance coating in commercial and industrial applications and is ideal for impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance applications. Quik-S‪hield 901 is specifically designed to be effective in situations with underlying moisture, high heat, high humidity, and changing weather conditions and is ideal for higher moisture substrates such as wood or concrete.

It is ideal for a variety of applications including:

  • Industrial-Commercial: Water containment areas, floor surfacing, wall coating, machinery coating
  • Marine: Boat hulls, cargo holds, docks, buoys
  • Agriculture: Farm equipment, trailers, silo lining
  • Custom Applications: Playground equipment, secondary containment