Pipe Insulation

Pipe Insulation and Coatings

In cold weather climates pipelines can be negatively affected and can experience reduced performance or even burst under freezing conditions. Quik-Shield can help solve these problems.

Quik-Shield 212 Pipe Jacketing Insulation Product Data Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


  • Pipe Jacketing Insulation
  • Provides high insulation levels of R6.6 per inch
  • Reduces risk of freezing and pipe burst
  • Maintains pipeline performance in cold weather
Quik-Shield 221 Spray Elastomer Pipe Coating Product Data


  • Spray elastomer pipe coating
  • Provides corrosion, impact, and abrasion resistance to any pipeline

Other benefits of pipeline coating include:

  • Ability to rotate longer lengths of line pipe, less frequently. Because of its superior wear resistance, coated pipe may only require rotation at intervals 4 times longer than for uncoated steel pipe.
  • Fewer inspections. Because coated pipe is more durable, and corrosion resistant, inspections take less time, allowing man hours to be shifted elsewhere.
  • Reduced pumping and heating costs. Coated pipelines have increased insulation values which helps reduce friction between the material flow and the surface of the pipe. This can help lower pumping costs and eliminate the need to heat material before pumping.