Ditch Break

Quik-Shield 205 Ditch Break Foam Product Data Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Quik-Shield 205 is an ideal material for pipeline construction projects that are required to provide ditch breaks for erosion and sedimentation control. Spray foam is less labor intensive and provides better pipeline and ditch support than alternatives such as sandbags, straw bales, and silt fencing. Because it is a product that starts in a liquid state and expands to a foam state, it has better void filling abilities and is easier to transport to job sites than alternatives such as riprap (rock). Quik-Shield 205 can provide solutions for pipelines including:

  • Ditch Break – fast application of ditch breaks that provide greater erosion control
  • Rock Shield – In areas with larger rocks foam can be sprayed on top of the pipe to protect it during backfill
  • Pillow Padding – foam ‘pillows’ can be sprayed in the trench to support the pipe during placement to prevent installation damage